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Centrostyle offers innovative and high-quality solutions in the optical sector. more than 30 years of experience on the market and our attention to the customers’ requirements, together with our strong orientation towards service and quality, have allowed us to become a well-known company in Italy and all over the world.

From our head office in Vedano Olona, Italy, with our subsidiary in the UK, an office in Spain and through a network of 40 worldwide distributors, we exclusively supply optical shops and chains in more than 80 countries.

Our quality control and well-assorted, automated warehouse allow us to offer our customers a high service level.

Our activity is focused on the study, research, development and production of innovative articles, based on quality, functionality, fashion and distinctiveness, to meet optician's requirements in a continually evolving market.

Our product range includes more than 6000 own brand articles, certified and conform to relevant directives. Many articles can be personalized with the customer’s logo.

Our main product lines are:


Everything for the optical lab and practice, for a prompt and high quality service.
Frame spare parts, tools and machinery for the repair and assembly of spectacles.

Everything to complete, clean and protect spectacles: spec cases, chains and cords, microfiber cloths, lens spray cleaners and contact lens accessories.

Functional articles in line with latest fashion trends.


We have spectacles to meet global requirement, like reading glasses, sports eyewear and leisure frames... We specialise in frames and sunglasses for children and in reading glasses for adults. Our spectacles are characterised by our own design.

Our analogical and digital measuring instruments are characterised by style, originality and tradition. The range includes thermometers, hygrometers, weather stations, radiofrequency and digital clocks, step counters, heart rate monitors, compasses and binoculars.

Products developed to meet specific vision requirements, from classic magnifiers to high magnification technical instruments and devices for low vision. Our range also includes technical products from international companies that are market leaders in this sector.

Centrostyle: since 1978 more than 30 years of experience at your service.